Board Reporting Software and Meetings Preparation

Board reporting software is a convenient tool for board members, which allows them to organize effective work at all stages of preparing and holding meetings in electronic form. So, how does the system work?

Board management software – the most convenient tool for collegial bodies

The introduction of digital technologies is fundamentally changing the majority of business processes in companies of various industries. Modifications are subject not only to technological business processes but also to management ones. A special place is occupied by digital technologies that provide innovative opportunities for information and communication business processes. Digital communications are used both within companies and for implementing external communications with customers, partners, and board members. In addition, in the course of business development in the companies, it became necessary to modernize the internal information space, ensure centralized storage of all documents in electronic form, fast and convenient work with them, control the timing and quality of execution of decisions.

Currently, many large companies and small organizations use board management services in their work, which are software products for solving a vast range of tasks. The main ones are the cooperation of employees among themselves and the convenient control of the manager over the activities performed. The Board software solution is designed to automate and structure the preparation and holding of board meetings. It is flexibly adapted to the needs of businesses and is now successfully used by both representatives of government agencies and private companies. This kind of software helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is in agreement and has up-to-date information.

Meeting preparation in a board software

Board portals can automate the life cycle of meetings, including planning, publication of materials for discussion, familiarization with the agenda of the meeting, voting, formation of minutes, and commenting on documents. In addition, the software ensures many valuable functions for productive board meeting management. They are as follows:

  • the possibility of placing reference information for members of a particular collegial body and a convenient search for previously downloaded documents, including offline;
  • for automatic generation of standard documents, the software provides the possibility of flexible customization of their templates following corporate requirements;
  • all the usual actions are supported: viewing and commenting on materials, meetings, questions, news, sending secure private messages, and much more, up to legally significant remote voting.
  • The electronic form of the agenda contains a complete set of information for deciding on the transaction; 
  • the history of consideration of issues regarding the client may also be available here;
  • opportunities for an online discussion of issues and voting;
  • possibility of authentication with a strong electronic signature. The system of cryptographic protection of information and an electronic signature is used.

Board portal as a board reporting software

The process of control is facilitated by the fact that automation of board management allows you to identify violations of the deadlines for the completion of work or unplanned consumption of resources, analyze costs and scope of work, build forecasts and generate reports. The board portal displays corporate events in a common calendar that provides a visual assessment of the number and duration of events. The introduction of color grading of events depends on the stage of the event’s life cycle. 

The mechanisms implemented in the system allow monitoring of the status of documents under control. In addition, the board software provides reports on the execution of controlled documents and the performance discipline of the company’s employees.